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Minimizing nausea while on Injectable Weight Loss Medications

May 07, 2023
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Minimizing nausea while on Injectable Weight Loss Medications

Nausea occurs because the medication target receptors in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, making the digestive tract move slower. The nausea should subside after the first couple weeks as your body adjusts to the medication. 



  • Eat small frequent meals throughout the day 
  • Ginger Chews
  • Bone Broth - good to drink regularly in general!
  • Dramamine as  needed
  • Avoid fried or fatty foods
  • Avoid acidic foods
  • Avoid foods high in sugar 
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep on your left side at night or when lying down


Since constipation slows down the GI tract, constipation can cause nausea as well so try Magnesium Complex nighty to help facilitate regular bowel movements. If counting fiber intake and not taking in enough of the recommended daily amount of 25g/day, then recommend a fiber supplement daily.