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Did you know that perimenopause puts you at risk for emotional eating?

Jun 05, 2023
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Did you know that perimenopause puts you at risk for emotional eating?

            Hormones play a huge factor in a person's mental and physical health. In regards to the relationship with food, the estrogen changes in the peri-menopausal era can allow for a women to be more vulnerable to eating disorders. Our hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, change causing hunger to increase but our metabolism does not increase with that hunger so weight gain occurs this way along with the feeling of not having control over our bodies. 

              As a woman I understand that it's not as simple as "not eating". The causes of eating disorders are complicated and incorporates biological, psychological, and sociocultural conditions. 

  • You could be someone who has struggled all your life with an eating disorder and still, in midlife, the struggle continues.

  • You may have had issues with your weight and food for many years, but it's getting much worse now.

  • Fluctuating hormones can cause metabolic changes that can cause cravings for foods - these are often high sugar content foods. 


That relationship with food has been a complicated one. The weight loss peptides have been able to positively change that relationship with food - to reduce the "hangry" and mentally process what your body needs, to implement portion control, and also decrease the guilt or shame that use to be present when eating certain foods.

There are certain things that come with aging that our out of our control but it does not meen that those changes have to be accepted. Take the oppurtunity to give yourself 90 days on a weight loss peptide to experience the difference with how food is viewed and transform your thinking. We know there are a growing list of responsibilities in your lives that make it difficult to take the time to seek treatment, but STL Med being a telehealth company with medications shipped to your door, makes all means possible for you to have that oppurtunity.