Signs You Need to Change Your Weight Loss Diet

Obesity has always been a part of the human race for as far back as records go. Hundreds of years ago, when there were little to no medical advancements, there were thousands of deaths, seemingly without any reason. Many a specialist assumes that a majority of those unexplained deaths were most probably due to the diseases caused by obesity.

Since there was no awareness of the drawbacks of being overweight at the time, people were none the wiser.

Majorly in the eastern parts of the world, being obese was a good thing at one point in time. This was because the more obese a person was, the more wealth they had. It also meant that they could afford enough servants to be able to sit around all day and eat. And this was a huge plus when it came to matrimonies and business dealings.

However, due to the lack of knowledge over the centuries, several people have perished for reasons unknown. It is now that we can determine the probable cause of those deaths.

Unbeknownst to many, obesity or weight gain is not just a result of overeating. Weight gain can occur due to various other reasons, including hormonal issues or even Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. And cases like these are well beyond the workings of an unhealthy diet.

Thus, it is thoroughly wrong to assume that anyone who is gaining weight is doing so because of an unhealthy diet. More often than not, those people are unaware of the issues inside their bodies. This is why, when a person starts to gain weight or cannot seem to lose the pounds, they should seek professional help.

We at STL Med Weight Loss Clinic are certified professionals who are well versed in coping with all the issues your body might be going through. At STL Med Weight loss, we employ an array of various technologically advanced techniques to help battle excess weight. After putting you through a thorough medical checkup, our experts and dieticians will help you with guided medical weight loss while staying within your body's limitations. Doing so promotes weight loss without any health issues.

In any case, regardless of the reasons for your weight gain, obesity is extremely dangerous in the long run. And to determine whether you need professional help below is a list of signs that you need to change your weight loss diet.

Signs You Need to Change Your Weight Loss Diet

Millions of people out there who, instead of seeking experts' help, start navigating their own weight loss journey. Granted there might not seem to be anything particularly wrong with that; however, a single misstep can lead to severe consequences.

And more often than not, people also completely ignore the constant weight gain, which, again, can lead to various acute repercussions.

However, it is an established fact that opting for professional advice is the best possible route. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to reach out, the following is a list of signs that you need to change your weight loss diet:

Binge Eating

According to specialists and experts, binge eating is a biochemical response from the brain. This is a signal that the body is not getting the nutrients it needs. And so your body responds with increased levels of hunger, explicitly craving unhealthy food.

Tired All the Time?

When a person is constantly tired, it means that the body is not getting enough of what it needs. And when you get tired, it is your body's way to conserve energy for more critical internal functions. This is a massive sign that you need to change your weight loss diet. Start by adding foods with high energy, like dry fruits, proteins, and eggs.

Constant Headaches

It is a scientific fact that the blood sugar level significantly drops when your body does not get enough carbs or food. This sudden drop is the primary cause of headaches in people who are crash dieting. It can also be perilous as constantly low sugar levels can lead to weakness and dizziness.

Breakouts on Your Skin

Another sign you need to change your weight loss diet is suddenly having breakout and pimples on your skin. This is mainly because all the carbohydrates you ingest completely turn into sugar. And sugar is the major component behind the causation of inflammation.

This inflammation can easily result in breakouts. Another leading cause of bad breakouts is when your body has vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Digestive Problems

Issues like constipation, diarrhea and digestive discomfort are leading signs that your diet is either severely lacking or excessive in fibers. If you eat more or less than the daily recommended amount of 28 grams, it is highly likely that you will start experiencing digestive issues.

People tend to eat high-fiber food to increase their metabolism. However, in doing so, they may be causing irreparable damage to their digestive system.

Excessive Hair Problems

If you are experiencing hair issues like dullness, thinning, or brittleness, it is probably because of your diet. Experts state that a diet that is low in calories, iron, fat, or proteins may lead to hair problems of that nature.

To ensure healthy hair, you can always increase your protein intake and incorporate plant oils and fish into your diet.

The Bottom Line

If you are experiencing any of the signs as mentioned above or symptoms, it is probably time to call a weight loss clinic. And we at STL Med Weight Loss are the best in the business. We will aid you through your weight loss journey while remaining within the bounds of your body's limitations. This will ensure that your weight loss is a healthy one without any negative consequences that often come along with it.

Contact us on the number mentioned on our website and get a consultation in regard to ways to proceed with your weight loss journey. At STL Med Weight Loss, your health is our priority.

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