5 Important Signs That It's Time to Call a Weight Loss Clinic

Updated: May 17

The human body, beyond doubt, is a prodigious living miracle. There are over 37 trillion cells in our body that are tirelessly working, without stop, to keep us alive and healthy.

Unbeknownst to many, these cells work overtime not to let go of any vitamin, nutrient, or essential supplements that enter our body. Some examples of nutrients that the body does not let go of our water salts, carbs, and sugar. Our body works to store these and many more foods for future use. This is a crucial function of the body that works towards preventing starvation and providing a constant source of energy for bodily functions.

However, since there is not a set limit as to how much should be stored, if you keep feeding your body, it is going to keep storing.

One such result of this storage is the accumulation of fat. And an unapprehend fact by many is that a certain amount of fat is essential for the human body. Provided that you keep your fat-to-muscle ratio in accordance with your height and gender, fat is as vital to the body as oxygen.

We at Saint Louis Medical Weight Loss Clinic have perfected the art of keeping your body in shape and healthy using diverse ways. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and we employ qualified experts to guide you through your weight loss journey.

Our weight loss clinic strives to help those who are looking for a healthy way to lose weight without compromising their physical well-being.

Fat might be an essential part of the human body, but there comes the point when it exceeds the limitations and becomes a bane to your health. And that is when it is time to call a weight loss clinic. There are many indicators to look for if you are gaining weight and it has started affecting your health. But before we get into that, let us first understand why fat is necessary and how it can become dangerous.

Importance and Dangers of Fat

We have already established that the human body does not like to let go of anything deemed nutritional and can provide energy. And fat, derived from carbs and sugars, can be stored as potential energy in different parts of the body. Doing so, the body stays ready for any instances that we fail to provide appropriate nutrition or food. This ensures all the functions in the body can keep going through the usage of stored energy, and fat.

On the other hand, since a body does not have any set limit, the more you eat carbs and sugars, the more your body is going to store as fat. And that can get dangerous after a specific time. Increased fat accumulation can lead to obesity and open a pathway to a number of incurable diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. In order to determine when to take action against it, below are some important signs to call a weight loss clinic.

Important Signs to Call a Weight Loss Clinic

If you want to lose weight, weight loss clinics are the best way to start your journey. These clinics will have experts who will assist you with your plans through proper medical checkups and rudimentary diet plans. To give you an idea of when to contact a weight loss clinic, below are five significant signs that forbode time to call a weight loss clinic:

1. The BMI (Body-Mass Index)

The BMI of any person is their weight in kilos divided by the square of their height in meters. This calculation method can tell you if you have an average weight or are overweight. You can calculate your BMI through any online BMI calculator. The reading goes as follows:

-18.5 or less is considered underweight

-18.5-24.9 is considered the ideal weight

-25-29.9 is considered overweight

-30 or higher is considered obese

2. High Blood Pressure

Extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your cardiovascular system. This then leads to high blood pressure. And if this condition keeps persisting, you can be in danger of heart disease.

3. Easily Tired

When daily tasks like climbing stairs or walking start to pose an issue for you, it is time to call a weight loss clinic. This is a prominent indication that your extra weight is starting to take a toll on your health.

4. Pain in Muscles and Joints

When you have extra weight, it can put a significant strain on various areas of the body. This constant excessive weight can lead to chronic discomfort and pain in joints and muscles.

5. Effects on Mental Health

A number of people opt for a weight loss clinic because their increasing weight leads to feelings of depression or anxiety. When you cannot meet society's standards of beauty, it is normal to lose confidence and feel depressed. However, these feelings will only work to damage your health further. Effects on mental health are one of the most important indicators of when it is time to call a weight loss clinic.

In Conclusion

Gaining and losing weight is a normal part of life. If you keep your BMI and fat-to-muscle ratio in check, there is no reason for you to lose excessive weight. When this extra weight starts to affect your daily life, you should be concerned.

At STL Med Weight Loss Clinic, we have employed various experts, including dieticians, nutritionists, etc. These certified professionals are qualified to help you initiate and carry out your weight loss journey in a healthy way. The said experts would take your medical health into consideration before establishing a plan that will help you lose weight fast.

When you have health issues due to increasing weight, it is wise to call a weight loss clinic and acquire professional help.

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